About us

Momento Photography has been in business since 2004. Due to our very competitive prices and work ethics we have been blessed with many loyal clients. We have a well-equipped photo studio which keeps us busy when we are not on location for corporate photos, weddings or annual school photos.

The content of the galleries that you are about to view is proof of our passion for capturing memories to last a lifetime.

Who we are

We are fortunate to have a competent team of people who’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of the photography landscape. We all are passionate about photos, people and service.


What we do

Our team will assist you to put your memories on a huge variety of products such as normal photo prints, canvas, coffee table books, musical slide shows, mugs, wallpaper or handbags. Many of our clients have gone the digital photo route, and we support it by offering a very special CD-option.

No job for us is too big or too small, whether it is a prestigious corporate function, a team photo of government officials, a birthday party for your kiddies, studio photos of your family or your very own private portfolio!

We do the annual school photos of most of the major schools in Centurion. If you contact us we will gladly supply you with the references you need.